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Proposed Rules to Protect Sea Turtles a "Necessary Step," According to J. Nichols '89

Proposed Rules to Protect Sea Turtles a "Necessary Step," According to J. Nichols '89

January 11, 2010

J Nichols Waterside.jpgJanuary 11, 2010, Greencastle, Ind. — "New rules proposed to protect endangered leatherback turtles off the West Coast could have far-reaching effects on Monterey Bay clean energy, desalination and other projects as federal officials seek a balance between increased human demands on the sea and resources that the rare creatures need to survive," reports the San Jose Mercury News. The story adds, "Sea turtle researcher Wallace J. Nichols of Davenport, who works with the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco, said the additional rules are necessary as humans increasingly turn to the sea to meet their water and power needs."

J. Nichols, who is known my his middle initial, is a 1989 graduate of DePauw University.

The federal proposal would "set aside 70,000 watery acres as critical habitat for leatherback sea turtles," writes Benevieve Bookwalter.

"New industries emerging as a result of the growing scarcity of water J Nichols Turtle Swim.jpgand oil will bring new kinds of impacts," Dr. Nichols tells the newspaper. "Designating these waters as critical habitat is a necessary step to stem sea turtle declines and begin their recovery."

You'll find the complete article at the newspaper's Web site.

Nichols is co-founder of Ocean Revolution. He was seen in Leonardo DiCaprio's documentary, The 11th Hour and was one of the participants in DePauw Discourse 2007, which examined environmental issues. A summary of his remarks -- including video and audio clips -- can be found in this previous story.