Katy Keck '77 Receives Volunteer Leader Award

Katy Keck '77 Receives Volunteer Leader Award

April 23, 2010

Katy_Keck 2010a.jpgApril 23, 2010, Greencastle, Ind. — "Every child needs a mentor, and Katy Keck is working hard to make that a reality," notes an announcement that Keck, a 1977 graduate of DePauw University, is one of  ten recipients of 2010 Volunteer Leader Awards, presented by HandsOn Network (the volunteer arm of the Points of Light Institute) and the University of Phoenix. "Keck is a volunteer leader with Infinite Family, an organization that connects teens and pre-teens in South Africa with adults internationally, using online video-based mentoring."

Keck and the other honorees "motivate others and are catalysts for change in their communities," note the organizations. Keck receives a $10,000 grant and has designated Infinite Family, which she serves as chair of its board of directors, as the recipient.

Presentation of the awards coincides with the first anniversary of the landmark Edward M. Kennedy Serve America Act, which authorized the largest expansion of national service in America in decades.Infinite Family.jpg

The announcement adds, "With her professional background in both finance and event planning, she has produced all the organization's fundraising events. For each event she pulls together dozens of volunteers, sponsors and in-kind donors. Over the course of four years, her efforts have generated more than $200,000 in donations. Infinite Family is an international organization that connects sub-Saharan African teens and pre-teens affected by HIV/Aids and poverty, one-on-one, with on-line video mentors from around the world. With an estimated 55 million youth orphaned and affected by HIV/AIDS and poverty in sub-Saharan Africa, Keck feels that Infinite Family's mission of connecting caring adults with children who often grow up alone is critical. She believes that by creating these connections, children will begin to define their lives by what they have to gain, not by what they have lost. As a young organization, IF benefits from Keck's leadership in fundraising, developing marketing and communication tools, and her ability to recruit volunteers and mentors. Through her leadership, she has inspired her friends, family and business partners to become active change agents."

The text notes Katy Keck's DePauw degree and that she has served on her alma mater's Infinite Family 2z.jpgAlumni Board. She was presented with a Community Leadership Award at 2007's Alumni Reunion Weekend.

"I have worked with Katy on the DePauw Alumni Board executive committee and as an Infinite Family board member," says Jason Asbury '95. "She has contributed countless hours and resources to both of these organizations, and her leadership has enriched their outreach in meaningful ways. It is no wonder that volunteers stay connected to these organizations, and contribute their own resources under her leadership. Katy exemplifies the spirit of volunteerism as a leader."

Read more here and visit Infinite Family online. The award is also noted in today's edition of Michigan's Grand Haven Tribune.