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Book by ESPN Founder Bill Rasmussen '54 Released in Paperback

Book by ESPN Founder Bill Rasmussen '54 Released in Paperback

May 18, 2010

Bill Rasmussen Sports Junkies pb.jpgMay 18, 2010, Greencastle, Ind. — A paperback edition of Sports Junkies Rejoice! The Birth of ESPN, written by the network's founder, 1954 DePauw University graduate Bill Rasmussen, has been published. The book "gives sports fans the real insider’s account from the man who changed the landscape of television and sports forever," notes a summary.

It adds, "If you pride yourself on knowing everything there is to know about ESPN, you'll need to own this book to cover all the bases. Do you know about the $9,000 credit card advance, the first advertiser on ESPN, or the cost of ESPN's first satellite transponder? Or why ESPN is based in Bristol, Connecticut? Sports Junkies Rejoice! The Birth of ESPN is Rasmussen’s personal account of the launch of the Total Sports Network that he founded over 30 years ago."Bill Rasmussen ESPN Set.jpg

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Sports Illustrated named Bill Rasmussen, who co-founded ESPN with his son, Scott '86, as one of 40 people who significantly affected the world of sports. He has been called "the father of cable sports" by USA Today, while ESPN anchor Chris Berman has referred to Rasmussen as "the George Washington of ESPN. His accomplishments, however, transcend the boundaries of the sports arena into areas beyond our wildest dreams."

Rasmussen's newest venture is College Fanz Sports Network.  You'll find details in this article.