Prof. Art Evans to Speak at Wabash College Tomorrow

Prof. Art Evans to Speak at Wabash College Tomorrow

October 18, 2010

86889October 18, 2010, Greencastle, Ind. — "Can reading science fiction make you smarter?," asks an announcement promoting an event tomorrow in Crawfordsville featuring Art Evans, Laurel H. Turk Professor of Modern Languages (French) at DePauw University.  Dr. Evans will speak at Wabash College at noon in room 216 of Center Hall. 

"The most prominent American scholar on the work of Jules Verne, Professor Evans is also the editor and publisher of Science Fiction Studies, the preeminent scholarly journal in that field. In addition to numerous books and articles in science fiction, he has also edited a new collection of science fiction stories (The Wesleyan Anthology of Science Fiction; co-edited by Istvan Csicsery-Ronay Jr., University Professor and professor of English 82010at DePauw).

The article notes that Evans has taught science fiction for more than 20 years at DePauw, which is where Science Fiction Studies has been published since 1992. "In an article in the Chronicle of Higher Education, Jim Zook said, 'Since its founding... Science Fiction Studies has charted the course for the most hard-core science fiction critics and comparatists. That focus has earned the journal its reputation as the most theoretical scholarly publication in the field, as well as the most daring.'"

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