Christine Walker Receives 2011 Walker Cup

Christine Walker Receives 2011 Walker Cup

April 25, 2011

94997April 25, 2011, Greencastle, Ind. — Christine E. Walker, a DePauw University senior from Fort Wayne, Indiana, is the 2011 recipient of the Walker Cup. The award, which is named for 1890 DePauw graduate Guy Morrison Walker, recognizes the senior student judged to have contributed the most to the University during his or her four-year college career. It was presented tonight during DePauw's academic awards convocation, which was held in the Green Center for the Performing Arts' Kresge Auditorium. (top photo: President Brian W. Casey with Christine Walker)

Video Link [Download Video: "2011 Walker Cup is Presented" - 5512kb]

A political science major, Walker is a member DePauw's debate team, was a  founding member of DePauw Model UN, and has been active in TG3, a group dedicated to improving town/gown relations, among other things. She is also DePauw's current student body president.  

Shortly after Walker was elected to the student leadership post, DePauw President Brian W. Casey recalls hosting her at his office.  "At this very first meeting Christine handed me a typed list of the over two dozen issues she was going to have the student goverment tackle this year," Dr. Casey recalls. "My first thought was, 'This is going to be a very long year.'  What followed was a miracle.  Christine led one of the most productive set of conversations I've ever seen, on any campus, anywhere." He added, "Christine approached all issues and parties with a sense of decency and respect.  She intuitively knew that connection 94993brings about change more readily than discord .. I should also say, though I know it's risky to do so, that Christine is absolutely beautiful -- and I mean that in all ways." Video Link [Download Video: "President Casey on Christine Walker" - 6910kb]

The other finalists for the Walker Cup were seniors David Dietz and Ben Stilwill.

Per tradition, the Walker Cup recipient will speak at DePauw's commencement, set for Sunday, May 22.

A link to a complete listing of all of the awards presented at the convocation is available here.