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TV Station Covers Soviet Diplomat's Visit to DePauw

TV Station Covers Soviet Diplomat's Visit to DePauw

April 23, 1987

101574April 23, 1987, Greencastle, Ind. — "A Soviet diplomat visiting Indiana tonight says Gorbachev's work on arms control is only the beginning in a push for peace," reported Indianapolis ABC affiliate WRTV during its 11 p.m. newscast tonight. "Remigiyus Kabyachus was invited to speak at DePauw University," noted anchor Howard Caldwell in his introduction to the piece by Debra Darnell.

"Kabyachus came to DePauw to first explain glasnost -- the increasing openness in Soviet policies that he says are more than just show," Darnell explained.

"And those new policies affect all fields of our social life, of our public life," Kabyachus told students in the ballroom of DePauw's Memorial Student Union.  "They affect the economy, the politics, they affect culture."

101575Darnell pointed out, "The Soviet diplomat works in Washington but had some problems getting to Greencastle.  It seems the State Department has declared much of Central Indiana off-limits to Soviet visitors for security reasons.  So Kabyachus could only fly into the Indianapolis and then fly to Terre Haute, where students picked him up and drove him to DePauw."

The complete report on the visit by Rem Kabyachus can be viewed on YouTube (the clip is embedded below).

Source: WRTV (ABC)/Indianapolis