CEO Matt Tyler '94 Talks Jobs on CNBC

CEO Matt Tyler '94 Talks Jobs on CNBC

September 1, 2011

102062September 1, 2011, Greencastle, Ind. — "One of the biggest problems that we deal with is the stereotype that manufacturing is dead," Matt Tyler, president and CEO of Vickers Engineering, told CNBC today. "They're not teaching it in high schools anymore, they're not talking about it in the homes anymore," he 1994 DePauw University graduate noted.

"If we want a skilled, talented workforce, they just aren't walking the street anymore," Tyler added. "We have to develop those people."

The segment examined the difficulties some firms are having finding skilled workers, despite the high level of unemployment. Tyler's company, a machining contract manufacturer, employs 140 workers and is offering training for employees.

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