Ron Stiver '96 Authors Op-Ed on Healthful Food Choices

Ron Stiver '96 Authors Op-Ed on Healthful Food Choices

October 27, 2011

6042October 27, 2011, Greencastle, Ind. — "With limited access to fresh healthy foods, too many Hoosiers often rely on convenience stores, gas stations and fast-food restaurants for their meals," writes Ron Stiver, senior vice president of engagement & public affairs for Indiana University Health, in today's Indianapolis Star. "This phenomenon is a significant contributor to our nation's and state's growing obesity epidemic, which in turn is linked to heart disease, diabetes and a host of other chronic diseases."

The 1996 DePauw University graduate's opinion column states that his organization is determined "to turn the tide against obesity and the chronic disease that result from it. To do so, we need to forge new and innovative partnerships across health care, business, education, government and community and faith-based sectors. Further, partnerships and solutions must span a broad continuum, addressing both supply and demand for nutritious foods. Whether revamping our school and employer cafeteria and vending machine offerings to include more healthful foods, supporting efforts like the recent Walgreens initiative to sell fresh produce at several 68762Indianapolis locations, or expanding grassroots programming to educate our fellow citizens on the importance of eating healthy, there is room -- and need -- for all stakeholders to actively engage."

Stiver's column concludes, "The stakes are high, and so must be our urgency and thoughtfulness in developing corresponding solutions."

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102989The former commissioner of the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles, Stiver was praised for turning around the agency.

In an April 15, 2008, Robert C. McDermond Lecture at his alma mater, Stiver stated, Video Link [Download Video: "Ron Stiver '96 on DePauw" - 522kb] "DePauw is where I started to love to learn ... I had these bright classmates, great professors who were committed, I'd be able to get office hours with them -- all those things, you don't get that at other places. And I really just wanted to start learning and understanding, whether it was game theory, whether it was Keynesian versus Friedman economics ... whether it was, you know, ethical theory and learning about Aristotle and Socrates ... all things."