DePauw Vocalists Collect 30 Awards at State Competition

DePauw Vocalists Collect 30 Awards at State Competition

November 7, 2011

51209November 7, 2011, Greencastle, Ind. — Students in the DePauw University School of Music collected 30 awards -- including 13 first-place honors -- at the National Association of Teachers of Singing (NATS) state competition. Held Saturday, November 5, at Indiana Wesleyan University, the contest brought more than 250 students from Indiana colleges and universities together to compete. Other participating institutions included Indiana University, Anderson College and Ball State University.

The DePauw winners, by category, were:

  • Category 2-1, First Year College Women -  1st place (tie): Anna Gatdula (student of Kerry Jennings); 2nd: Isabel Gomez (student of Pamela Coburn).
  • Category 2-2, First Year College Women - 1st: Brooke Addison (student of Valentin Lanzrein); 3rd (tie): Caitlin Handy (student of Valentin Lanzrein).
  • Category 2-3, First Year College Women - 1st:96638 Leah Naveaux (student of Caroline Smith) Category 3-1 (First Year College Men) 1st: Joseph Leppek (student of Caroline Smith); 2nd: Taylor Truster (student of Kerry Jennings).
  • Category 3-2, First Year College Men - 1st: Austin Lowe (student of Caroline Smith); 2nd: Zachary Leek (student of Kerry Jennings); Honorable Mention: Andrew Bumba (student of Barbara Paré).
  • Category 4-1, Second Year College Women - 1st: Emily Barnash (student of Pamela Coburn).
  • Category 4-2, Second Year College Women - 1st: Elleka Okerstrom (student of Caroline Smith); 2nd: Annelise Delcambre (student of Caroline Smith); 3rd: Anne Marie Albachiara (student of Valentin Lanzrein).
  • Category 8-1, Third Year College Women - 1st: Elisa Sunshine (student of Pamela Coburn); 2nd: Claire Wilkinson (student of Pamela Coburn).
  • Category 9, Third Year College Men - 1st: Erik Erlandson (student of Caroline Smith); 2nd: Lucas Wassmer (student of Caroline Smith).
  • Category 10-1, Fourth Year College Women - 1st: Sara Horton (student of Caroline Smith); 3rd: Emily Mennel (student of Pamela Coburn); Honorable Mention: Jennifer Wilson (student of Caroline Smith).
  • 100202Category 10-2, Fourth Year College Women - 3rd: Megan Murphy (student of Pamela Coburn). 
  • Category 11-1, Fourth Year College Men - 1st: Phil Morgan (student of Pamela Coburn); 2nd (tie): John Kraft (student of Valentin Lanzrein); 3rd: Michael Padilla (student of Pamela Coburn); Honorable Mention: Nicholas Farmer (student of Caroline Smith).
  • Category B, Musical Theater; 1st & 2nd Year College Men & Women - 2nd: Blake Lampton (student of Kerry Jennings).
  • Category C, Musical Theater; 3rd & 4th Year College Men & Women - 1st: Kacey Hermening (student of Valentin Lanzrein); 3rd (tie): Anne Rivelli (student of Kerry Jennings).
  • Category D, Advanced Musical Theater Men & Women - 1st: Case Nafziger (student of Caroline Smith).

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