Indy Star Column Features DePauw Librarian

Indy Star Column Features DePauw Librarian

November 13, 2011

103087November 13, 2011, Greencastle, Ind. — "The Occupy Wall Street phenomenon was barely under way when a call went out for professional help," begins Dan Carpenter's column in today's Indianapolis Star. "Cooks? Nurses? How about a librarian. Mandy Henk, a librarian/assistant professor at DePauw University, drove all night from Greencastle with her husband, Chris, their two children and the family dog, arriving two weeks into the protest that began Sept. 17."

Carpenter details how Henk has worked to bring together the "People's Library", which includes 5,000 books and an online site. He writes, "Mass political movements may be hard-wired to digital communications technology these days, but the library expert will tell you books are an unbroken tradition." 

Henk, coordinator of access services at DePauw, tells the 93697newspaper, "Libraries have been part of it probably since the invention of the printing press. Most people in this world, and this country, whether they're coming from the right or the left, understand that things are going in a pretty disturbing direction ... The only way to bring change, the only way to make the kind of world we want, is peaceful protest. That's why I came out. That's why I had to get involved."


Mandy Henk was also the subject of this recent story.