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Steve Hollar '89 Reflects on 25th Anniversary of Hoosiers' Release

Steve Hollar '89 Reflects on 25th Anniversary of Hoosiers' Release

December 1, 2011

103174December 1, 2011, Greencastle, Ind. — Steve Hollar, the 1989 DePauw University graduate who appeared in the movie Hoosiers while an undergraduate, "had no idea of what the future would bring as he stood alongside director David Anspaugh just before the film's world premiere 25 years ago this fall," reports the Banner-Graphic. The Greencastle newspaper profiles Hollar, who portrayed "Rade Butcher," a member of the Hickory Huskers, in the film, and is now a dentist in Warsaw, Indiana.

"That comment (by Anspaugh) just echoes in my mind," Dr. Hollar tells the newspaper. "I have revisited his statement many, many times, and realized he really was profoundly right. I have been blessed."

Eric Bernsee writes, "Hollar says he was three weeks into his freshman year at DePauw when his life was turned upside down and he started running back and forth 103176between classes and movie tryouts at Indianapolis. Once he was guaranteed the role of Rade, he decided to drop out for the semester." (image from Hoosiers shows Hollar at far left)

Hollar, who earned union scale ($17,000) for his role in Hoosiers, "returned to DePauw the next semester, rejoined the basketball team during Winter Term and finished his undergraduate degree in 3-1/2 years, graduating with his 1989 class. 'I humped it,' Hollar said. 'I was pretty eager to get going with dental school. But you want to talk about a DePauw education, it really has served me well, especially when you consider that the role of college is to make you think, reason and communicate.' "

It's been a quarter-century since the release of the film, which was103175 made for $6 million, starred Gene Hackman and Dennis Hopper, and is considered a classic by many fans. Hollar is still recognized by those who love Hoosiers and understands the connection people feel to the movie. "I think it affects them emotionally," he says. "Everyone has a story, and they're all Hoosiers. They want to tell you about their high school, or when they played against Oolitic, or when their dad played. Or they may even be the dad that played. Really, it's their story, and that's what's neat." (at left: Hollar stands outside Greencastle's Ashley Square Cinema with his Hickory Hollars letter jacket in 1986 as the film opened)

Access the complete article at the Banner-Graphic's website.

Steve Hollar, who majored in communication, was featured on Indianapolis CBS affiliate WISH in 1986 and Chicago's WLS-TV a year later. Also available is this 2006 summary.

Source: Greencastle Banner-Graphic