Cyber Shopping While at Work? Steve Langerud Has Tips for Employers

Cyber Shopping While at Work? Steve Langerud Has Tips for Employers

December 3, 2011

65176December 3, 2011, Greencastle, Ind. — "Cyber Monday 2011 sales were up, up and up. Does that mean workplace productivity was down, down, down?," asks Human Resource Executive. "Unfortunately for employers, Cyber Monday signals only the launch pad of online holiday shopping. So things may get worse as the holiday season progresses." The publication offers tips for employers to deal with workers who shop online while on the job, including advice from Steve Langerud, director of professional opportunities at DePauw University.

"Whatever you do, make it fun," Langerud says. "The holidays are stressful enough without adding layers of administration and monitoring into the mix for employees and supervisors." 

His tips include "Be clear about expectations" and "Sanction the shopping."

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Steve Langerud has helped more than 15,000 people with workplace issues and is regularly quoted in stories on the job market and career development, including an report earlier this week and another article on community service projects in the workplace. He is available to help DePauw students and alumni with career planning.

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Source: Human Resource Executive