'Career Coach' Discusses Volunteering as a "Professional Development Strategy"

'Career Coach' Discusses Volunteering as a "Professional Development Strategy"

January 15, 2012

Steve Langerud 07sm"'Volunteering may be the single most important professional development strategy available to new professionals.' Pretty powerful words from workplace consultant, director of professional opportunities at DePauw University, and former Coloradoan, Steve Langerud," begins an article. "He has worked with over 15,000 people on career and workplace issues including many individual and organizational clients in the Denver area," writes Kathryn Marion.

The piece, which offers Langerud's take on the career benefits of volunteering, can be found here.

Steve Langerud is regularly quoted in stories on the job market and career development, including in an article in the latest issue of Legal Management magazine. He is available to help DePauw students and alumni with career planning. Visit DePauw's Office of Civic, Global and Professional Opportunities here.