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Prof. Kevin Howley Cited in Article on Impact of the 1990s

Prof. Kevin Howley Cited in Article on Impact of the 1990s

June 30, 2014

"In some ways, the '90s were the best of times, including prosperity at home, relative peace abroad, a falling crime rate, an explosion in digital technology, even a federal budget surplus," writes Rick Hampson in USA Today. "It was certainly preferable to what came next: the worst terror attack on U.S. soil; two long, inconclusive wars; two stock market crashes; and a financial crisis that precipitated a deep recession. After the '90s, says Kevin Howley, a DePauw University communication professor, 'It's as if history jumped a track.' ''

Hampson adds, "Yet the '90s also were years when much of what bedevils us today -- global warming, terrorism, health care costs, gun violence -- had causes or antecedents. Opportunities were missed, perils overlooked."

Read the complete story -- headlined "How the overshadowed '90s shaped our world" -- at the newspaper's website.

Dr. Howley, associate professor of communication at DePauw, is the editor of Media Interventions and Understanding Community Media and authored Community Media: People, Places, and Communication Technologies. Five days ago, his opinion column was published in Indiana's Bloomington Herald-Times.

Source: USA Today