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Morning Edition Report on NFL's Woes Includes Analysis from Prof. Bert Barreto  

Morning Edition Report on NFL's Woes Includes Analysis from Prof. Bert Barreto  

September 29, 2014

Bert Barreto hs"Humberto Barreto is an economist at DePauw University who has written about the NFL," noted NPR's Morning Edition today.  The national radio program included an interview with Dr. Barreto, Elizabeth P. Allen Distinguished University Professor of Economics and Management, in a report on how the National Football League's domestic violence scandal could affect its bottom line.

Of the NFL, a $10 billion enterprise, the professor says, "Their ability to monetize apparel and licensing fees and the growth of fantasy sports all sort of contributed to some kind of perfect storm, so that they really are an amazing business model right now."

The report by Uri Berliner notes that while the controversy over Ray Rice and other players plays out, the league is also dealing with reports that players who have suffered concussions on the football field will likely suffer long-term cognitive problems. 

Professor Barreto tells NPR, "When the NFL thinks about big picture, kind of existential kind of questions, I think the health aspects, the concussion stuff, and, you know, will mom let her child play football -- that's a much, much bigger issue."

Access audio of the report at NPR's website.

In February 2012, Bert Barreto discussed the NFL's business model with the BBC.  In November 2011, he talked of the economic impact of hosting the Super Bowl with an Indianapolis television station.  The segment is embedded below.

Source: NPR