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The 2016 Monon Bell DVD is Now Shipping; Some Copies Still Available

The 2016 Monon Bell DVD is Now Shipping; Some Copies Still Available

December 6, 2016

Order DVD; Game Summary

The limited edition DVD of the 123rd Monon Bell Classic -- which includes the thrilling contest as seen nationally on AXS TV and a trove of extra features -- has arrived from the replicator and is shipping immediately. (at right: a box of the 2016 Monon Bell DVDs)

DePauw has some discs remaining for sale. The 2016 DVD is $15 per copy; a $4 shipping and handling charge will be added to each order, regardless of size, as well as 7% sales tax to orders shipped within Indiana.

Reserve your copy by accessing an online order form.

A total of 300 discs were manufactured for DePauw University and Wabash College to distribute.

The dual-layer digital disc includes more than three hours of thrilling football coverage, which featured commentary by Maguire and Rich Cellini with sideline updates from Brad Wochomurka '04 for the Tigers and Matt Hudson for the Little Giants.  Andy Rosenberg, who has directed NBC's Emmy Award-winning Olympics coverage, performed that role in Crawfordsville on game day.

Also on the DVD, which has more than five hours of content and is described as "a permanent keepsake of a special season" by Ken Owen '82, executive director of media relations at DePauw, who mastered the disc:

  • Season highlights for both teams;
  • The game day institutional features that aired during the contest;
  • Media coverage of the 123rd battle for the Bell;IMG 1084
  • Photo galleries of this year's clash between the Tigers and Little Giants;
  • A collection of hundreds of historic images dating back to the rivalry's early days;
  • "Monon Memories" of the games from 1956 and 2001;
  • AXS TV's promo for the game, which the channel aired leading up to the broadcast;
  • A new music video for The Ballad of the Monon Bell, created especially for the 2016 game.

The 123rd battle for the Bell will go down in the annals of the historic rivalry series as one of the most exciting. The game was decided by a brother-to-brother touchdown pass from DePauw University quarterback Matt Hunt to his younger sibling Andy with 38 seconds remaining.

As veteran football analyst Paul Maguire said at the conclusion of the back-and-forth contest, "I've done so many games for 46 years ... this is the highlight."  Added Maguire, who called two Super Bowls for NBC and was a fixture on ESPN's Sunday Night Football, "If you didn't like this football game, ladies and gentlemen, don't ever watch another game."

Twenty-one games in the classic college football rivalry are now preserved on DVD.  Still available, for $7.50 each, are the DVDs of the 1977, 1984, 1993, 1994 and 2000-15 Monon Bell Classics (supplies of past games are extremely1997 Monon Bell Game limited and the 1994 game is sold out; the 2008 package is a two-disc set including all 115 "Monon Memories" produced to that date).  DePauw and Wabash partner to produce the DVDs.

All 123 of the games to date are commemorated in video vignettes known as "Monon Memories."  Created by Ken Owen '82, executive director of media relations at DePauw, the clips can be found here and on YouTube. (at right: the 1997 Monon Bell Classic)1928 Program

DePauw and Wabash first met on the gridiron in 1890.  In 1932, a locomotive bell from the Chicago, Indianapolis and Louisville Railroad Company, also known as the Monon Line, was donated and became the winner's trophy each year.

In the all-time series, Wabash now holds a 60-54-9 lead. Since the Monon Bell entered the rivalry in 1932, Wabash leads, 41-38-6.

You'll find much more information at DePauw's official Monon Bell website. (at left: cover of the 1928 game day program)