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Prof. Beth Benedix Contributes Book Review to Christian Century

Prof. Beth Benedix Contributes Book Review to Christian Century

October 23, 2017

Beth Benedix at Podium PrindleBeth D. Benedix, professor of world literature, religious studies, and community engagement at DePauw University, contributes a book review to the October 11 (volume 134, no. 21) issue of Christian Century magazine.  The professor offers an assessment of Forest Dark: A Novel by Nicole Krauss Harper.

"At the heart of this tale is a compelling fantasy: What if Franz Kafka staged his own death, assumed a new name, and emigrated to Israel, living in obscurity on a kibbutz for 15 years before dying in Tel Aviv at the ripe age of 69?," Dr. Benedix writes. "What if, indeed? The implications of this fantasy for the Kafkan universe -- and by extension, for the universe Nicole Krauss creates in this breathtaking odyssey of convergence, transformation, and restoration -- are startling.

The DePauw professor opines, "Forest Dark is a feast. Dazzling, beautiful, powerful, bewildering, consumed by things eternal: a romance of metamorphosis, creation, and nostalgia for home."

Read the complete review at the publication's website.

Beth Benedix founded and directs The Castle (castlearts.org), a nonprofit organization that partners with local public schools to provide integrated-arts and project-based workshops during the school day.

Source: Christian Century