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DePauw to Begin Test-Optional Admission Policy

DePauw to Begin Test-Optional Admission Policy

March 8, 2019

Beginning this fall, the submission of test scores from the SAT or ACT will be optional at DePauw University, which joins a growing number of selective colleges and universities around the nation that are moving to test-optional admissions.

“We’re very excited about increasing access to a DePauw education,” said Bobby Andrews, vice president for enrollment management. “A core tenet of the university’s mission is to provide a diverse and inclusive living and learning experience, and now that experience can begin before a student even sets foot on campus.”

Andrews added that students who apply to DePauw typically have much more experience and talent than a single test score can indicate, including work and community-service experience and broad talents and accomplishments. “Moving to test-optional admissions will help the university review applicants even more holistically,” he said.

Under the new policy, most students may choose to apply to DePauw without ACT or SAT test scores; excepted are home-schooled students, for whom test scores provide a standardized measure for the highly individualized transcripts, and international students, for whom test scores assist with verification of credentials.

DePauw faculty supported the move to test-optional admission, which was reviewed by the Faculty Admission Committee and Faculty Curriculum Committee and announced at the March faculty meeting.

Students who wish to submit their test scores may still do so and are able to self-report those scores. Test-optional applicants will still be considered for merit-based scholarships in the admission process. More details are forthcoming about the implementation and requirements of the policy. For updates, visit the DePauw Admission site at https://www.depauw.edu/admission-aid/.