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Faculty Fellowship Application

Applications are due October 3, 2018 for award 2019-2022

1. Title and abstract of the project:

The abstract of your project should be no more than 300 words. This will be placed on the Faculty Development website and should be appropriate for a general audience. If you have any pictures that would help explain the project, we would like to have those for the site as well should your project be awarded.

2. Description of the project:

Please upload a description of the project below. Include a problem statement/objectives/research goal and a description of the significance of the work. Explain how the project will enrich DePauw's intellectual community for our students and how it fits into your overall professional development plan. Briefly describe the outcome/product of your most recent competitive Faculty Development funding grant/award with regard to its subsequent development and dissemination. Your description should be a maximum of five double-spaced pages (one inch margins and 12-point font). You may include appropriate supporting documentation (e.g., letter from your chair/dean/program coordinator for curricular projects) as an appendix. However, appendices should not serve as an extension of the narrative description of your project.

3. Timeline for the project:

Please upload a timeline for the project for the three-year fellowship period. If you prefer to apply for a two-year faculty fellowship, please indicate that preference in your timeline. Be sure to specify a tangible product to be submitted along with your narrative report at the end of each year. (Examples might include a draft of an article, slides showing artistic work in progress, syllabi and course materials.)

4. Dissemination of recent FDC awards:

Please list your last competitive FDC award (Summer Stipend, Faculty Fellowship, Fisher Course Reassignment or Fisher Fellowship), and briefly describe your efforts to disseminate the product(s) to appropriate scholarly or creative audiences. If you hold current awards or are requesting funding for multiple projects, you should include a statement explaining the relationship between the projects.

5. Budget for project expenses:

Include an expected budget for each year's project expenses.

Please Note:

Your Chair/Dean/Program Director should send an email to Becky Wallace (bwallace@depauw.edu) acknowledging that he/she has read the application and that he/she will work with you to determine the best time to take the reassigned time, should it be awarded, in relation to staffing needs. Faculty in the School of Music should share their application and plans with the Associate Dean of the School of Music, who will provide this email.


If you are using human or animal subjects for this research, you will need to have IRB or IACUC approval before you begin data collection.