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Fisher Course Reassignment Application

Application deadline is October 13, 2021.

1. Title and abstract of the project:

The abstract of your project should be no more than 300 words. This will be placed on the Faculty Development website and should be appropriate for a general audience. If you have any pictures that would help explain the project, we would like to have those for the site as well should your project be awarded.

2. Description of the project:

Describe the project including objectives and procedures: You should also provide a brief description of how your reassigned course project will enrich DePauw's intellectual community for our students and how it fits into your overall professional development plan. Briefly describe the outcome/product of your most recent competitive Faculty Development funding grant/award with regard to its subsequent development and dissemination. This description should be a maximum of 4 double-spaced pages. Attach appropriate supporting documents as appendices. Your Chair or Program Director should send an email to Becky Wallace (facdev@depauw.edu) acknowledging that he/she has read the application and will work with you to determine the best time to take the reassigned time, should it be awarded, in relation to staffing needs. Faculty in the School of Music should share their application and plans with the Associate Dean of the School of Music, who will provide this email.

3. Specific product:

Describe the specific product that will be submitted by the first Monday of the following semester that the time is taken:

4. Dissemination of recent FDC awards:

Please list your last competitive FDC award (Summer Stipend, Faculty Fellowship, Fisher Course Reassignment or Fisher Fellowship), and briefly describe your efforts to disseminate the product(s) to appropriate scholarly or creative audiences. If you hold current awards or are requesting funding for multiple projects, you should include a statement explaining the relationship between the projects.


Each faculty member applicant must demonstrate thoughtful effort to deepen their understanding of the complex problems around race and racism in at least one aspect of their professional work: pedagogy and teaching, creative or scholarly work, or service. We welcome intersectional approaches that examine race and racism in relationship to other forms of oppression.

CHOOSE ONE (A, B, C or D) of the options in this document to meet this new requirement: Funding Application Process Additions (effective Fall 2021)

**Because of COVID-19, FDC is not currently able to support travel. Projects that depend on travel should describe how project goals can be achieved if travel restrictions cannot be lifted at any point during the academic year. We encourage consideration of additional funding sources for speakers and films as well as encouraging participation by a wider audience.

  • $150/person for books = $450 ($50 for each participant to purchase titles relevant to their next best steps; $100 to purchase copies of DiAngelo's Is Everyone Really Equal?; 2 other titles yet to be chosen)

  • $300 meals ($20/dinner/participant x 3 monthly dinner meetings x 5 participants)

  • workshop registration

  • travel (e.g., hotel, as well as mileage and per diem at DePauw University standard rates)*

  • speaker, modest honoraria ($250 limit per speaker) 

  • film showing