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J. William and Dorothy A. Asher Fund in the Social Sciences Application


1. Title and abstract of project:

Include a title and abstract of the project (should be no more than 300 words).

2. Description of the project:

Provide a description (maximum 3 double-spaced pages) of the project including objectives and procedures. You should also provide a brief description of how your project will enrich DePauw's intellectual community (e.g., long-term or multi-use benefits of equipment, educational impact on campus, etc). Students should also include a description of the role your faculty sponsor will play in this project, and how he or she will support your research efforts.

3. Social Science Component:

Please articulate the social science component of this work or project.

4. Project timeline:

Indicate the approximate timeline of the project including when the requested funds will be needed and when they will be spent.

5. Budget for project expenses:

Include a budget for the project expenses. Please note meal expenses should not exceed the $51 per day maximum.

6. Previous Asher funding:

If you have received a previous award from Asher Social Sciences Fund, please describe briefly (just a few sentences) what you accomplished with the support of this award.

Student Transcript:

Please note that transcripts will be reviewed to make sure you are in good academic standing and have no incomplete grades in regular semester courses.

Student Applicants Please Note:

Your faculty sponsor must send an endorsement to ashleydayhuff@depauw.edu before your application will be reviewed. The endorsement need not be a formal recommendation letter but should briefly express the faculty member’s assessment of the project’s feasibility and merit, the student’s ability to complete the project, and the relevance of the project to the student's academic program.