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Douglas A. and Phyllis G. Smith Endowed Fund for Student-Faculty Research Application

If you have any questions, please contact Ashley Dayhuff (ashleydayhuff@depauw.edu).

Faculty Collaborator

Fill in your faculty collaborator's name below. Your faculty collaborator must send an email endorsement to Ashley Dayhuff (ashleydayhuff@depauw.edu) before your application will be reviewed. The endorsement need not be a formal recommendation letter but should briefly express the nature of the project and of your collaboration and how the specific component for which you are requesting funding fits into the project as a whole. The faculty member should also address the relevance of the project to your academic preparation for the field of medical research.

1.Please upload below the description of the project including the objectives and procedures. You should also provide a brief description of 1) your qualifications for this project; and 2) how the project fits into the context of your education. This description should be a maximum of 2 pages - double-spaced.<br /><br />2.If you are presenting a paper, poster or project at a conference, include an abstract with your application.<br /><br />3.Please list any previous funding you have received from Faculty Development and identify other anticipated funding sources for this project (specify what expenses are/will be covered).<br /><br />4.Provide a budget for the project (transportation, meals ($51 a day max), lodging, registration, etc.).