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GLCA Grand Challenge Global Crossroads Grant Application

Application deadline is March 29, 2017.

Please upload the project narrative that addresses the following five points (1500 words maximum): <br /><br />1) International dimension. In what ways does the proposed project address the GLCA topic, "Challenging Borders"? What are the project’s goals?<br /><br /> 2) Collaboration. Does the project include faculty members from GLCA or Alliance schools with the requisite expertise to help the proposer achieve the project’s objectives? If students are included, what is their role?<br /><br /> 3) Feasibility. Is the project practical and cost effective?<br /><br /> 4) Impact. How will you determine if the project’s goals have been met? If appropriate, what plans are there for disseminating the results or outcomes of the project? <br /><br />5) Project budget. Explain cost estimates, including the cost of materials, travel, and stipends for participants contributing to the project’s design and execution. Also, please indicate whether you are seeking supplemental funds for a separate GLCA Global Crossroads grant program in "Themed Courses" or "Global New Directions."