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GLCA Grand Challenge Global Crossroads Grant

Contact the Dean of Faculty for more information about this grant.

The GLCA Global Crossroads “Grand Challenge” grant can be used in two ways. First, it can fund any theme-related project that includes collaboration with other GLCA or Global Alliance institutions (click here for a complete list of schools.) The GLCA offers funding opportunities for projects in all disciplines: the humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, and the arts. The only real limit placed on such projects is your imagination....

This grant can also be used to request supplemental funding for a project funded by two other components of the GLCA Global Crossroads Grant:


1) Themed Courses: Faculty at two or more institutions co-develop courses that involve a shared theme with an international dimension. Funding can be requested for course materials, a summer stipend for course development ($600 per week for a maximum of three weeks), and travel support to bring course partners together for planning. Projects that require more funding than outlined in this description can seek additional money through DePauw's "Internationalization Innovation Fund" or the GLCA's inter-institutional grant. This program is a timely opportunity for obtaining support to develop a course for DePauw's "Global Learning" general education requirement. 

 2) New Directions in Global Scholarship: This program provides support to GLCA faculty members wishing to develop a new area of scholarly expertise that extends the global reach of current research or teaching. Particular encouragement is given to projects involving faculty-student research collaborations. Faculty members may request support for travel, materials, and stipends ($600/week) for participants contributing to the project’s design and execution. Equipment will not be funded. Support for students includes travel and up to four weeks of summer stipend ($340/week).