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Inclusive Pedagogy Mini-project Grant Proposal

Inclusive Pedagogy Team Mini-Project Grants

Applications are due October 14, 2020.

Recognizing that not all faculty are at the same stage when it comes to enhancing the diversity and inclusivity of their pedagogy, FDC would like to provide funding for teams of 3-5 faculty members to work on inclusive pedagogy mini-projects during fall 2020, spring 2021 or spanning AY 2020-21. To apply for this funding, please provide the information requested below. FDC looks forward to creative proposals of all types. In the Appendix we have provided a few brief descriptions (not full proposals) of possible mini-projects that would be suitable for this funding.

1. Project Title and Summary

(No more than three sentences, to be used in announcing awards)

2. Project Description (1000 word limit)

What are your team's main goals? How will you accomplish those goals? What will be your indicators of the success of your project?

3. Project Participant's Individual Goals

Each participant should provide either a bulleted list of 1-3 goals OR no more than a 250-word narrative statement. How will this project enhance your professional development regarding diversity and inclusive pedagogy? Do you anticipate other developmental benefits beyond those from a diversity and inclusive pedagogy lens? If so, please briefly describe those benefits.

4. Project Activities and Timeline

Please provide an activities narrative plus a bulleted timeline (no more than 250 words total). Describe activities that your team will do both individually and collectively to achieve the project goals and provide a bulleted list. Your description should include how your project will be on-going throughout the semester(s) and be collaborative in nature. For example, you might describe four meetings throughout the semester to discuss readings.

5. Itemized Budget ($2500 project limit) (there can be no stipends for faculty participation)

Provide an itemized budget and budget narrative for project activities. As part of your budget narrative briefly describe how each element of the proposed budget supports your goals. Any particular budget will likely include only a small number of the suggestions below. There can be no stipends for faculty participation. All receipts for reimbursement must be submitted within four weeks of expenditure.

6. Proposed Project Outcomes and Products

What project outcomes do you anticipate? (Possible examples include, but are certainly not limited to: an annotated bibliography of readings, a new or revised course syllabus, revised writing assignments, a modified reading list for a particular course, or new course activities focused on inclusive pedagogies).

Reports Due after Completion of the Project

Reports for fall 2020 projects will be due on February 5, 2021; reports for spring 2021 or AY 2020-21 projects will be due on September 3, 2021

Team Project Report

Each individual should provide a short reflection addressing whether or not goals were achieved and describing any envisioned next steps.