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Student Research and Artistic Grant Application

1.Please upload below the description of the project including the objectives and procedures. You should also provide a brief description of 1) your qualifications for this project; and 2) how the project fits into the context of your education. This description should be a maximum of 2 pages - double-spaced.

2.Please upload below the specific product you expect from your work (what you will submit when you return). If you are presenting a paper, poster or project at a conference, include an abstract with your application.

3.Please list any previous funding you have received and identify other anticipated funding sources for this project (specify what expenses are/will be covered).

4.Provide a budget for the project (transportation, meals ($51 a day max), lodging, registration, etc.).


Please note that transcripts will be reviewed to make sure you are in good academic standing and have no incomplete grades in regular semester courses.


If you are using human or animal subjects for this research, you will need to have IRB or IACUC approval before you begin data collection.

Faculty Sponsor Endorsement:

Your faculty sponsor must send an email endorsement with the answers to the following questions to facdev@depauw.edu before your application may be reviewed. 1)How well do you know the student and in what context? 2)Please comment on the student's ability to complete the project. 3)How is this project relevant to the student's academic program?


Your report/final product must be submitted along with your receipts BEFORE your reimbursement will be issued. The report must be submitted no more than four weeks after the completion of the project. Your report should include both the final product (for example, a copy of the paper or a single sheet print-out of the poster) and a narrative explaining the process of the project; or explain the educational value of the experience if you attended a conference. Electronic submission is preferred (send to facdev@depauw.edu).