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Event Planning Guide: What to Ask Yourself


  • Who is the speaker/guest?
  • Has the speaker visited DePauw before? If so, when did they visit?
  • What is the purpose of this visit?
  • What is the proposed itinerary for your speaker/guest?
  • When will they arrive and depart?
  • Will they meet with classes, organizations, and/or departments?
  • Will they give a public lecture?
  • Will they have a private lunch or dinner with select guests?
  • What other activities will they participate in during their visit?


  • Who is yourtargetaudience?
  • How does the speaker/event contribute to academic courses and/or other campus initiatives?


  • When do you want to have your event (date and time)?
  • Where do you want to have your event?
  • What other events are taking place at that time on campus and in the surrounding community? Consult the Planning Calendar.


  • What is the proposed budget for the visit? (transportation, accommodation, meals, honorarium, materials/special supplies needed by guest, publicity, misc.)
  • How much money do you currently have and how much more do you need?
  • What other departments and organizations may be interested in co-sponsoring your event/speaker?


  • What is the proposed marketing plan for your event?
  • What methods (fliers, email, bulleting board, personal invitations) will you use to publicize your event?
  • When will you begin publicizing your event?

Now that you have answered these...

You are now ready to continue planning your academic event. Contact Keith Nightenhelser for assistance.