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NSF-IUSE Curricular Reform Winners

Christina Wagner and Ted Bitner for piloting sections of Psy 100 with a laboratory component
Jeff Hansen and Selma Poturovic for pedagogical changes to Chem 120
Gloria Townsend for developing a new course in Computer Science deigned to introduce students to the discipline 
Pascal Lafontant for creating Bio 190 (Topics: Exploring Regeneration Biology), a new nonmajors course
Melissa Petreaca for creating Bio 190 (Topics: Inflammation and Health), a new nonmajors course
Brian Wright and Tom Ball for creating a new Anatomy and Physiology I & II (Kines 255 and 256) course sequence 
Dan Rusu to develop Calculus for the Life Sciences (Math 145) and Mathematical Modeling for Life Sciences (Math 146)