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Student Research

DePauw students conduct research in a wide array of disciplines. While working in a science lab is often the stereotypical example of research, DePauw students also routinely conduct research across the humanities and social sciences. Art history, biology, computer science – wherever there are questions, there is research to be done.

Website: https://www.depauw.edu/academics/student-research/

Science and Math Clubs

Biology Club -
Contact: Lynn Bedard (lynnbedard@depauw.edu)

Chemistry/Science Club - Contact: Dave Roberts (droberts@depauw.edu)

Environment Club - Contact: Anthony Barratta (anthonybaratta@depauw.edu)

Kinesiology Club - Contact: Tom Ball (tball@depauw.edu)

Math Club - Contact: Suman Balasubramanian (sumanbalasubramanian@depauw.edu)

Society of Physics - Contact: Jacob Hale (jacobhale@depauw.edu)

Underrepresented in Science - Contact: Bridget Gourley (bgourley@depauw.edu)

Geology Club - Contact: Jim Mills (jmills@depauw.edu)

Health Sciences
Women in Science (WIS)

The DePauw University Women in Science group was established in the spring of 1992 to create a supportive environment in which female science students can achieve their full potential.

Website: https://www.depauw.edu/offices/women-in-science/

GIS Center

GIS (Geographic Information Systems) is a technology that combines databases and computer mapping systems to interactively visualize data both spatially and temporally. The GIS Center, a core component of the University's 361° Programs, is situated within DePauw's Instructional and Learning Services (I.L.S.) department and is overseen by the GIS Specialist, Beth Wilkerson.

Website: https://www.depauw.edu/it/gis/

Community Opportunities