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A Tour of the New depauw.edu

November 2, 2017

Phase I: November 2017

A New University Website 

On November 1, the Office of Communications and Marketing launched the first in a series of major updates to the depauw.edu website. The focus of this initial stage was to create a space for prospective students, their families, and visitors to find out about DePauw in a more engaging, effective manner. 

Here is an explanation of some of the new and revised components of the site, including the goals and ideas that went into them.

1. Main Navigation 

One of our primary goals was to streamline access to our extensive website’s content — thousands of pages created by hundreds of authors over a decade and more — so it was easier to access and engage with for new or unfamiliar audiences. Prospective students should be able to spend just a few minutes on the site and come away with a firm sense of what DePauw is, what we stand for, and why they should consider applying. Similarly, for their parents, the site needs to anticipate all the most…

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