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October 4, 2017

The week of October 31, DePauw will launch the first in a series of major updates to the University website.

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During Dr. McCoy's 32 listening sessions over the course of last academic year, what we knew to be true was made very clear: we need a new, updated, more user-friendly website. Alongside the work of our partner, Dartlet, the Communications and Marketing Team and the Web Team have been working to create a more updated, user-friendly website.

After extensive research and planning, and several months of internal development, we have created a space for prospective students, their families, and visitors to find out about DePauw in a more engaging, effective manner. 

Suggestions from those listening sessions you'll find in the site update: 

  • Stories of student success, rotated throughout the site 
  • More faculty stories - front and center 
  • Promote alumni success
  • Improved layout and styles for mobile devices 
  • Enhanced and better quality video 

Many others simply asked us to 'fix the web.' Because that phrase means different things to different University constituencies, in our next phase of the site redesign we will meet with many departments and individuals across campus. Our aim is to learn more about what 'fix the web' means to you, how we can prioritize those ideas, and how we tell those stories and accomplishments to the world through our public web presence. 

Look for more updates on this project here soon. 

- Mariel Wilderson, Director of Communications 

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