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DeBrief - April 6, 2022

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The Office

Steve Timm in his office

Steve Timm, professor of communication and theatre


What's in your office?


1.  The Elvis bust was given to me by Bobbi Kay (Ruehter) Sidor’s ’99 mother. When she discovered I was a fan of The King, she insisted I have a bust in my office. So she sent two. In 2007 the Elvis was stolen by students and held for ransom. I received photos of the bust under duress from various locations around campus, but eventually the kidnappers – overwhelmed, I suppose, with guilt – returned Elvis unharmed.

2.  The Peking Opera figurines are a gift from Chengyuan (Eva) Huang ’14. Eva was an exceptional student majoring in math and theatre, and we found her a summer internship at the Crossroads Repertory Theatre in Terre Haute, a professional summer stock company. I still get messages from the theatre asking me to send more students like Eva.

3.  The signed paddle is a gift from the cast and crew of Steve Here →X (2007). Part of rehearsal process was to spend a night in a wilderness area, and the closest one is the Dean Wilderness Area bordering Lake Monroe in Bloomington. Six of us paddled in while the other six backpacked, and we spent a couple nights. For most of the students, it was their first night in a tent. And while the light pollution from Bloomington was bright enough to illuminate the insides of the tents, the students felt like they were in the wildest place on earth. It was a blast. Just for fun, I disappeared for a couple hours just to see how they’d fare. When I returned, the students were sitting in a circle playing some sort of improvisation game, oblivious to my absence it seemed.

4.  One of Barbara’s Ghost Ranch paintings is on the wall. That’s Cerro Pedernal on the horizon, the mountain Georgia O’Keefe claimed God would give her if she painted it enough. Barbara led her first Winter Term trip to Ghost Ranch in 1988; I joined her in 1995. Since then one or both of us have sponsored the trip at least 20 times. The ranch is the size of Manhattan, and is tucked in a valley between the Santa Fe National Forest and the Chama River Canyon Wilderness area. The ranch remains one of our favorite places on earth.

5.  In one of the pencil cups on my desk is a combination cork screw/bottle opener given to me by Rita Klofta ’11 that she made in a jewelry class at Ghost Ranch. She picked blue and white stones to insert in the handle since she knew I was a Colts season ticket holder at the time. One of the stones contains a fragment of a dinosaur fossil – Coelophysis – which is just plain cool. I don’t get many requests to pop corks out of wine bottles here in the communication wing, but if the opportunity presents itself, I’m ready.

East College Tower

Faculty and Staff News Roundup

Alan Hill, vice president for student affairs and dean of students, is among 18 individuals who are being recognized in the Vigo County School Corp.’s inaugural Circle of Honor, which honors people who “embody the best of Vigo County, reflecting its rich history and commitment to excellence.”


Katalin Kis, instructor of communication and theatre, presented her paper, “State Homophobia, Social Media, and the New Hungarian Queer Counter/Publics,” March 31 at the 2022 conference of the Society for Cinema and Media Studies.


Registration is open for the April 16 launch of “Encountering Education,” a monograph by

Derek Ford, assistant professor of education studies. The virtual event, scheduled for 3-4:30 p.m., will feature a panel discussion with Ford and three other speakers. Ford spoke March 26 on a webinar titled “Clarifying the Struggle for Socialism: Uses and Misuses of Marx’s Capital.” He also recently wrote the foreword and afterword for the book, “Socialist Education in Korea: Selected Works of Kim II Sung.” His essays are titled “Contextualizing the ‘Theses on Social Education:’ Lessons for Revolutionary Pedagogy Today” and “Chongryon: The Struggle of Koreans in Japan.” The publication is available as a free PDF.


Campus Events

Steve Outta Here-->X flyer
Purchase tickets.

DePauw Earth Month 2022
A schedule of events can be found here.
Contact Claire Dorner, director of sustainability, for more information.


NOTE: The Timothy and Sharon Ubben Lecture featuring Cornel West and Robert George, which was scheduled to take place tomorrow, has been postponed due to illness and will be rescheduled.


For a complete listing of events, visit Campus Labs.

East view down Anderson Street

Human Resources

GOLD Learning Academy

Unlocking the Power of Strategic Thinking

April 14, 1-4:30 p.m., Hoover Hall, Daseke Dining Room. Register here.

This program explores vital components necessary to build effective strategic thinking skills to successfully achieve goals.



Save the Date

The 2022 Staff Appreciation Reception is April 27 at 3:30 p.m. Details coming soon.


Our Healthy Tigers HSA Information Session, April 7, 9 a.m. via Zoom.

The reimagined wellness program offers fun and exciting ways to get healthy with a new incentive menu to help you achieve your wellness goals and earn incentive dollars. The first 15 minutes of the session will review 2022 changes and introduce the new platform. The remainder of the session will be open to Q&A. Learn more. If you are unable to attend a session, watch this short video on how to register for the program.


HSA Bank Empowerment Series, April 8 and 15
Join HSA Bank as they explore various facets of Health Savings Accounts. From opening an account to learning how to fully maximize it, this series has valuable information for you. Attend for a chance to earn a $25 credit in your HSA account. For more information and to register, click here.


Oral cancer can be deadly, no matter the cause.

Did you know that dentists often perform an oral cancer screening at preventive appointments? In many cases, they can find tissue changes or actual cancer while it’s in the earliest stage. You can also perform self-exams at home. Learn more.

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