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Brand and Identity

The DePauw University Visual Identity, Logos, Personality and Standards

If you have questions, are unsure about logo usage in a particular situation, require art or logo, or otherwise need to consult with the Office of University Communications and Marketing, please do not hesitate to contact Kelly Graves (x4633 or kgraves@depauw.edu).

visual Identity and Logo 

DePauw’s visual identity system is central to achieving consistency in presentation within each of the University’s numerous methods of communication.  Though a logo is not – in and of itself – the message, its consistent use, coupled with a close adherence to the identity system will foster a look that will, over time, become associated with the DePauw brand in ways that reinforce the University’s messaging and personality.

With many pamphlets, publications, brochures and advertisements stemming from many offices and programs, the visual identity system provides a framework to ensure that each of these publications is perceived by our many audiences as originating from and connecting to DePauw University. 

A graphics standard guide for DePauw logo use and publication development is available for reference. 

Please consult this guide and use it as your reference if you have a need to use the DePauw logo system. 

The variations within the system were purposefully designed to accommodate a number of potential uses that arise with different publication and design needs.


Web/Digital SIGN Content Guidelines


Template Files

A number of common document templates have been developed to assist those on campus who have a need to regularly produce official documents, presentations, etc.

(Please note: The letterhead template should not replace standard letterhead when printing letters and memos, but it can serve as an electronic-only supplement to traditional letterhead if your needs demand an electronic version of a given document.)