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Community Technology Enhancement Program

Community Technology Enhancement Program

The DePauw University Community Technology Enhancement Program (CTEP) is a DePauw-affiliated organization that empowers members of the Putnam County community with new means to learn, communicate, and explore by providing technology and related education. Since 2003, CTEP has addressed the inequities of a growing digital divide in Putnam County and surrounding areas through community workshops, Internet resources, and the distribution of refurbished computers to qualifying organizations and individuals in need.

Basic Operations

CTEP collects computers (towers and laptops) and parts from DePauw University, local schools, government entities, and the surrounding community. CTEP staff members test the equipment and clear old information from computers.  Microsoft Windows 7 is installed on the computers along with a range of free software.  CTEP distributes the computers to qualifying individuals and organizations in the local community for a minor fee. CTEP-prepared computers have been donated to organizations such as the 21st-Century Scholars and to people as far away as South America. 

CTEP is committed to reusing and recycling technology. Refurbishing old computers provides benefits to those who cannot afford their own while reducing electronic waste. When CTEP cannot reuse parts, they are sent to recycling centers in order to prevent the spread of electronic toxins.