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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I still receive a computer if I do not meet the elgibility requirements?

Possibly. The eligibility information collected on the application is designed to serve as guidelines, but all applications are reviewed on an individual basis and in conjunction with current CTEP supply.

Are CTEP computers free?

Not quite. CTEP charges a small fee for each computer to cover the expenses incurred by the program while refurbishing computers. The charge per computer covers CTEP's cost of purchasing operating system licenses and necessary hardware upgrades, such as modems and increased memory. The charge per computer is $20 for individuals/families and $10 for organizations. There is no additional charge for extra peripherals that may be requested.

Does CTEP provide a full computer set with keyboard/mouse/monitor? What other components might I expect?

All CTEP computers include a monitor, keyboard, mouse, and power cables. Speakers are provided when available, although organizations should specify how many sets of speakers they would like with their machines. Please note that CTEP only rarely has flat screen monitors available and cannot be provided in most cases. Other needs—such as CD-RW (CD-ReWritable) drives or printers—may be requested along with an explanation of why they are needed. These extra items have no cost but are often unavailable.

Do you have laptops?

CTEP occasionally has a limited supply of older laptops. You may specifically request a laptop but must provide some explanation of how it will be more useful to you than a desktop computer. It's also important to explain if you specially require wireless internet or a longer-lasting battery, as neither can be guaranteed.

What software comes on CTEP computers?

Aside from a licensed Microsoft operating system, CTEP installs a number of free programs that will aid recipients both in daily home/office use and for maintaining a healthy computer:

Additionally, Microsoft Office Home and Business 2010 can be added to a computer for an extra charge of $10.


I do not have transportation and/or I work during the day. Can I send someone else to pick-up my computer for me?

Yes. CTEP will allow you to send a relative or friend to pick up your computer. In order for your proxy to pick up your computer he or she will need to bring the payment and a note with your signature granting him or her permission to pick up the computer. The proxy will also be asked to sign two copies of a receipt for you.

My computer is having issues. Can you fix or replace it?

If you're having hardware issues with your CTEP computer, feel free to call or send us an e-mail with details of the problem. If it appears to be a hardware issue that is in any way on the fault of CTEP, we agree to service and replace parts within 9 months of receipt of the machine. Should CTEP determine that it cannot be repaced with parts alone, we will replace the computer. However, due to the variable nature of our stock, an upgrade is not guarunteed. Recipients should make sure to keep the information about their computer's product key, as it will be necessary if any work is done on the harddrive.

I want to donate a computer to CTEP, but I have personal files and information stored on the computer. How do you prevent future owners from seeing this information?

CTEP always ensures that previous information is removed from the computer's hard drive. As soon as donations are received, CTEP staff use a program called Active Killdisk to reset all data on the harddrive to "0," rendering it entirely blank and unformatted.