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Request a Computer

Applications and Eligibility Information

Follow the links below to request a computer from CTEP and find more information on elgibility. Please print a form and mail it to us, or call the CTEP office to request that an application be mailed to your home or organization. Once a request is received, the CTEP staff will place your information in our waiting list and contact you to verify that your request is being processed.

Individual Application.pdf


NOTICE: Because all CTEP employees are full-time students who work around 10 hours a week, and because applications often come in waves, we cannot guarantee a consistent or prompt processing time for your application. Readying your computer can take anywhere from days to weeks to months. We apologize for any inconvenience this places on you, but we assure you that your application has not been forgotten.

Cost Information

CTEP charges a small fee for each computer to cover the expenses incurred by the program while refurbishing computers, including purchasing operating system licenses and necessary hardware upgrades, such as modems and increased memory. We charge individuals/families $20 for a computer, and organizations must pay $10 per computer they receive. There is no additional charge for any extra peripherals that recipients may request.