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Computer Requests for Individuals & Families


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Applications can also be obtained by leaving a voicemail with your name and full mailing address at (765) 276-7066

Individuals and families may apply for ONE computer for their household. A single family cannot receive more than one computer from CTEP within three years, and past qualification for a CTEP machine does not guaruntee that a family will remain eligible for another machine after the three-year period is up. CTEP charges individuals and families $20 for their computer.

CTEP uses many variables to help determine eligibility. Cases that may be eligibile include:

  • If you or any of your dependents are enrolled in any training program or post-secondary education.
  • If you qualify for any disability assistance or other state or federal aid, including food stamps, Medicaid, unemployment insurance, etc.
  • If your community has limited access to technology.

Questions about eligibility can always be directed to
Click here for applications and qualifications for organizations.