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Key Recommendations of the 2010 Master Plan

1. Improve the Entrance to the University

At present, there is no clear arrival to the campus. The Campus Master Plan calls for a clear "arrival-to-Admission" sequence of roads and buildings that welcomes visitors to DePauw and leads to the newly renovated Admission building.

2. Restore the Historic Academic Core of the Campus

The current central academic precinct around East College, the symbolic and historic heart of the campus, needs to be improved and restored. The grounds in this precinct are overrun with concrete walks, the landscaping needs to be renewed, the tree canopy is severely degraded, and the Library is outdated and dark. The Campus Master Plan calls for a restored academic precinct around East College, a place of trees, quiet lawns, and traditional buildings all centered around the academic quadrangle and a modernized library.

3. Revitalize Community Spaces

Campus life is now compromised by the lack of those places that gather students and faculty. Additionally, the Hub, currently the primary dining facility for more than 1,000 DePauw students, is inadequate to support student dining and lacks the qualities that create a true sense of community. Finally, the Lilly Center is in a state of significant disrepair and is severely outdated when compared to facilities provided at peer institutions. The Campus Master Plan calls for a renewed precinct of connection and activity in the center of the campus ranging from a changed student union, to a new dining facility, to a plaza connecting these two buildings, to a transformed Bowman Park, and a renovated athletic and recreational facility. 

4. Improve Student Housing and Neighborhoods

Student housing on campus needs to be improved to better integrate student life into the whole University experience. The Campus Master Plan calls for the improvement of the student neighborhoods ringing the campus so that they can provide community and connection for all students. 

5. Create Better Connections Beyond the Campus

The connections to the town of Greencastle and the Nature Park are tenuous at best, with significant opportunities for improvement. The Campus Master Plan calls for clearer connections to these areas beyond the campus, enlivening student and community life.