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Sustainability Considerations

The University is committed to becoming more sustainable as it moves forward with planning for the future of the campus. The list below details some of the possibilities that DePauw is committed to explore as part of the implementation of its Campus Master Plan.

New Buildings

  • New buildings will be energy efficient, decreasing energy and resources use per building.
  • Planning for all new buildings will include a consideration of alternative energy sources for heating and cooling.  


  • The campus plan will call for significant tree planting, which will mitigate DePauw's carbon footprint.
  • Tree plantings will rely heavily on native species, which require less water and fertilizer to thrive.


  • Plans for renovating walkways and paths will include environmentally friendly construction materials, such as porous paving, whenever possible. 
  • Streetscaping projects will seek to include water reclamation efforts.


  • Moving parking to the perimeter of campus will foster a campus safe for pedestrians and bicyclists. 
  • Moving parking to the perimeter wil increase the walkability of the campus, cultivating a more sustainable and sustaining environment.

Bike Lanes

  • Establishing bike lanes will promote more sustainable transportation options. 
  • Promoting bicycling will not only improve the health of the community but also contribute to a culture shift in which the campus comes to favor carbon-neutral transportation. 

Connecting to the Community

  • Campus sustainability initiatives will be actively engaged with Greecastle's sustainability efforts.
  • The campus plan will be implemented so as to better connect DePauw to Greencastle, and will support walking, biking and community gathering.