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Roy O. West Library is closed for renovation until late fall of 2022 or early 2023. During the renovation, library services will be available in the Prevo Science Library and the Music Library.

What's happening to the collections?  

The bulk of the Roy O. collection is packed, stored and unavailable for the duration of the renovation.  During the renovation we can purchase or interlibrary loan any materials you may need. 

The DVD collection is now available at the Music Library.

Will the library still acquire new books during the renovation?  Where will those books go?

Yes, we will continue to acquire new books and they will be added to the collection in the Prevo Science Library until after the renovation. 

What happens to the Archives?

During renovation, the Archives staff (and selected holdings) will be located in Julian 111.  When we reopen, the Archives staff and 100% of its collections will be in a single, environmentally controlled location for the first time in decades.  You can contact the archives here.

What is the Library doing to mitigate the impact of the renovation?

Library services, such as reserves, reference and ILL are available in the Prevo Science Library and the Music Library.  The Archives are located in Julian 111. 

You can find a list of additional study spaces here

We have joined the HathiTrust, as well as other online collections, to make additional resources available. 

Where can I return my books? 

Books can be returned to Prevo or the Music Library during library hours.

What additional study spaces will be available while Roy O. is closed?

You can find a list of additional study spaces here.

What new features will I find in the renovated Roy O. West Library?

  • The Tenzer Technology Center
  • Asher Office of Undergraduate Research
  • IT Helpdesk
  • Integrated services and support area
  • Grand Reading Room
  • More study rooms
  • New furniture
  • High Tech Classrooms
  • Meditation Space
  • Integrated Science collections and support

What about the treehouses? 

Newly renovated treehouses too!

Where can I find FITS during the renovation?

You can find Veronica Pejril in the Music Library or the GIS Center in Julian, or contact her via email here.

Where can I find the Tenzer Technology Center during the renovation?

The Tenzer Technology Center is located in Julian 300.  You can contact Mike Boyles here

Where will the library faculty and staff be located?

Most of our staff are located in Julian, Prevo Science and the Music Library.  For a directory of contact info, check here.

Will the Roy O. West Renovation impact any of the other libraries on campus?

The renovation will allow us to incorporate the science collections and services into enhanced space in Roy O. West.  Once the project is complete, we will retain the lower level of Prevo as a storage facility for our least used materials, while the upper level of Prevo will be reassigned by the University for other uses.

How are you addressing sustainability issues?

 DePauw has chosen to use the ASHRAE 189.1 – Standard for the Design of High-Performance Green Buildings as the design guide for sustainable building design.   This has replaced DePauw’s former initiative of LEED Silver status.  One significant impetus towards the ASHRAE standard from LEED is the emphasis on energy efficiency.  DePauw has LEED Gold buildings that consume more than ideal amounts of energy.  The ASHRAE standard helps guide mechanical system design which provides heating & cooling to structures which is the largest consumer of energy.  But it does not limit itself to the mechanical equipment exclusively, it dovetails this portion of design with exterior building envelope design, such as wall/roof and glazing systems.  One example of DePauw’s application is the main curtainwall for the West elevation into the Reading Room. The project design utilizes SageGlass, which is electrochromic glass allowing for natural daylight within the reading without imposing additional heat load for the air conditioning system to overcome. 

The approach to sustainability is not limited only to the physical building as ASHRAE standards address how the project treats site water.  In the case of the library, the storm water is being detained on site to control the rate of flow into the municipal storm water system as well as to clean the water prior to being released back into the environment. 

Have other questions?

Just ask!  Submit your questions here.