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Work Order Status

The status of a work order gives both the requestor and the facilitator an indication of where in the process the work order is. Furthermore, each status has a specific owner in whose que the work order resides.

Open Status – Work Coordinator

The default status for a work order is the Open status.  What this reflects is that a work order has been created/submitted by a requestor and is waiting for review from the Work Coordinator. Items being reviewed by the Work Coordinator include the following:

  • Is the request a duplicated request?

  • Is the Building, Floor, and Space accurate?

  • Is the scope of work complete or is additional information from the requester needed?

  • Does the priority of the work order match the scope of work?

  • Is the request urgent in nature and need to be addressed by facilities management staff immediately?

In Planning Status – Superintendent

A work order is changed to the In Planning status once the review has been completed by the Work Coordinator.  In Planning status work orders are waiting on a review and planning exercise from the facilities management superintendent. Dependent on the scope of the work requested, the planning phase could be minimal to extensive ensuring that all available resources are on hand to facilitate the requested work. Items being reviewed and planned by the Superintendent include the following:

  • Review work order request and scope of work.

  • Review safety hazards associated with the requested work.

  • Obtain/create the standard work plan.

  • Is the space where the work has been requested at available?

  • Are contract resources needed and if so are they available?

  • Are there special tools that are needed to facilitate the requested work?

  • Is there labor availability within the designated crew?

  • Are on hand materials/inventory items available?

Ready for Scheduling – Superintendent

Acting as a buffer between the In Planning status and the Schedule Status, Ready for Scheduling allows the superintendent to complete the planning exercises needed and not schedule to a specific crew member. 

Scheduled – Front Line Staff

A work order is moved to a Scheduled status once the Superintendent has concluded the planning phase and has designated the specific date in which their crew can successfully execute the work.  While The Office of Facilities Management strives to stick to the scheduled date of a work order, there are times where urgent situations arise and the work order will need to be rescheduled. Facilitation of request from front line staff includes the following:

  • Obtain parts from designated area.

  • Execute work.

  • Capture actual labor hours.

  • Capture costs for materials needed to execute the work.

  • Any additions/modifications that need to be made within the work order system (FAMIS).

  • Identification of building plan changes that are needed.

  • Internal statement of work.

Once the scope of requested work has been completed, the front line staff will move the work order to a Work Complete status and insert detailed internal comments.  These comments will reflect specific information of what was done and if there are items outside of the scope of the work that needs to be addressed such as changes within the work order system, building plans, etc.

Work Complete – Superintendent

The Work Complete status is an indicator to the superintendent that the scope of requested work has been completed and all necessary information has been captured by the front line staff.  The superintendent is now ready to commence the closeout process.  Items completed during the closeout process include the following:

  • A rough notation on the building plans is completed per the information provided by the front line staff.

  • All financial information has been captured such as labor hours and material costs.

  • Any additional items that were documented by the front line staff are addressed. This can include the creation of additional work orders, the validation of changes within the work order system (FAMIS), the removal or addition of assets, etc.

  • A general comment with a detailed statement of work is entered and will be included on an automated e-mail that is triggered by the Work Complete and Verified status.

Work Complete and Verified – Work Coordinator

Work orders that have been moved to a Work Complete and Verified status are ready for a final review from the Work Coordinator. This review consists of the following items:

  • Changes needed to be completed within the work order system (FAMIS) are identified and completed.
  • All required information has been captured on the request.
  • Proper communication was sent to the requester.