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Commercial Card

The Commercial Card is a University issued MasterCard through Chase.  This program is intended to streamline and simplify the purchasing and accounts payable processing by empowering employees to transact directly with merchants for low dollar, high volume purchases.  In addition, the Commercial Card program significantly reduces the need for employee reimbursements.  However, the Commercial Card Program is not intended to avoid or bypass appropriate procurement or payment procedures.

Requesting a Card:

New Commercial Cards may be requested by the area Vice President within e-Services.

Card Reconciliations:

Commercial Card reconciliations are due <> and reconciliations are performed within e-Services.  The following guide outlines the steps for completing the monthly reconciliations: Commercial Card User Guide.

Original, itemized receipts must accompany the card reconciliation.  If a receipt is lost or cannot be obtained, the monthly reconciliation must include a memo describing the circumstances of the lost receipt and the items purchased.  This memo must be approved by the area Vice President.


Please note that only full-time employees of DePauw University are eligible to receive a Commercial Card. Contractors or temporary employees are not eligible.