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Purchase Requisitions and Purchase Orders

Purchase orders should be utilized for large dollar purchases (greater than $1,000) and when required by a supplier.  When negotiating purchases, departments should contact the Service Center for assistance.  Once purchase negotiations are completed, a purchase order will be issued and invoices will be processed for payment from this document.  A Check Requisition through Business e-Services is not required.


All vendors should have a current W-9 on file prior to a PO Requisition is initiated.

Process a PO Requisition through Business e-Services for items required.  Once a Requisition has been approved by the appropriate individual, the Business Services Department will assign a PO number and communicate to the vendor.  Once the items/services are complete and an invoice has been submitted with the PO number by the vendor, the invoice should be mailed by the vendor to the appropriate person/office initiating the order.  Invoice should be reviewed for accuracy and noted for approval.  Invoice should then be submitted to the Business Office for processing of payment.  A Check Requisition should NOT be completed for payment of this invoice, as this would create a duplication of expenditure to the budget. 

Payment will be processed 15 days from invoice date.  Payments are processed on a weekly basis.