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Katherine Cox Hoover Scholarship Application

The Katherine Cox Hoover Scholarship is awarded at the end of the sophomore year to students who have displayed outstanding character, personality, leadership, and special talents in extracurricular activities.

To apply: Must be a Sophomore. Complete application below AND submit letters of recommendation (form attached) from two faculty/staff advisors who have worked closely with your activities. The letter should speak of your character, personality and leadership skills as demonstrated through your participation in the activity.

Deadline: Applications are due April 1. All parts of the application must be submitted by this date. Winners will be notified in late April, as the award will be presented during the DePauw University Awards Convocation in May. The Katherine Cox Hoover Scholarship is renewable until graduation.

Recommendation Form

(Two recommendations required.  Send form to the recommender to be completed and submitted to the Financial Aid Office.)

Recommendation Forms