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Men's Hall Association

Achievement Scholarship (Sponsored by the Men's Hall Association)

The Men’s Hall Alumni Association of DePauw University recognizes outstanding male and female sophomores and juniors who have contributed significantly to the quality of life at DePauw University.

To apply: Must be a sophomore or junior. Must meet the following criteria - Scholars must demonstrate and promote the principals and ideals memorialized on the Men’s Hall Association Plaque in Longden Hall: equality regardless of race, religion, economic or social status, dedication to the tenets of liberty and equality, the spirit of brotherhood, political and social access and recognition for all, scholarship and loyalty to DePauw. Scholars must be in good standing with a cumulative GPA above average for their class (Sophomores: 3.19, Juniors: 3.17).
All students are welcome to apply, though preference shall be given to individuals who are not members of a residential fraternity or sorority (assuming all other things equal).

Complete the application below AND submit a current resume by email highlighting your involvement in the DePauw and Greencastle communities and any leadership positions you have held. Students should request 2 letters of recommendation from a faculty or staff member. These letters should be submitted electronically with the recommendation form (attached below). The form and letter must be sent directly by the recommender.

Deadline: Applications are due April 1st. All parts of the application must be submitted by this date. Winners will be notified in late April.

If not associated with a Greek organization, please put N/A

Please confirm that your cumulative GPA is accuare and above the average for your class. GPAs will be verified before application are submitted to the selection committee.

Describe how you have used your skills to improve and enhance the quality of life in the community. Highlight how you have promoted equality regardless of race, religion or social status and dedication to the tenets of liberty and equality.

Provide two names of the faculty or staff that will be recommending you.

Please type your full name.

Recommendation Form

(Two recommendations required.  Send form to the recommender to be completed and submitted to the Financial Aid Office.)

Recommendation Form