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Peternell Scholarship Application

The Peternell Scholarship is for current sophomore (i.e. rising juniors) students of merit with a curricular or career involvement to environmental science, environmental studies and/or sustainability. Applications are reviewed and selected by faculty members affiliated with environmental programs and majors at DePauw. The Peternell Scholarship is renewable for the senior year.

To apply: Complete the application below.

Deadline: Applications due by February 22nd

List items with corresponding dates.

List employment with corresponding dates. (*During your time at DePauw)

List activites with corresponding dates. (*During your time at DePauw)

List organizations with corresponding dates. (*During your time at DePauw)

What motivated you to pursue an academic path related to environmental and sustainability issues?

Describe your educational and career goals and their relationship to the environment and sustainability.

What is the number one environmental or sustainability-related issue you would address through your future studies and career, if given the opportunity?

How do your background and experience contribute to the diversity of perspectives among students pursuing environmental and sustainability issues at DePauw?