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GOLD Learning Academy Course Catalog

Individual courses are listed here in the course catalog.  Each course has a description, objective, required prerequisite training and eligibility requirements. Each course also indicates which of the GOLD pillar(s) that applies.

To assist employees, recommended learning tracks are identified, based on position and career status, to include:  New employee, Supervisor, Recent graduate/young professional, Trades person, Lifelong learner, DePauw basics (required annual training) and Custom courses. 

J&J Human Performance Institute  Insights Discovery (Group or Individual Coaching)
Situational Awareness and Personal Risk Management Cultural Competency Series
Candid Conversations - Presented by Faurote Group Supervisor Orientation
New Hire Orientation Online Training by Topic:  SafeColleges
Technical Training Workshops  

J&J Human Performance Institute 

Description:  Founded in 1991 and based on 30 years of proprietary research and work with elite performers, the Johnson & Johnson Human Performance Institute will teach us how to manage our energy as a way to fully engage and improve performance in the areas of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health.  

Technology and society have changed faster in the last 50 years than any other time in history.  Many of these new elements of life interfere with our ability to meet life’s challenges by taxing our attention, strength, and stamina.  The result, a “human energy crisis,” which leads to fatigue, disengagement, judgement errors, stress, and burnout.

The tenets of energy management rest on helping individuals articulate a clear purpose in life and use specific strategies to manage and improve their personal energy in service of that purpose.  This program teaches participants the relationship between demand and capacity of energy as it relates to performance.

Objectives:  Outcomes of this program include improvements in quality of life, productivity, high performance behaviors and health/wellness.

Eligibility:  Open to all employees.  Must have completed Part 1 to participate in Part 2

Pillar(s):  GL

Track(s):  Lifelong Learner

Insights Discovery (Group or Individual Coaching)

Description:  Insights Discovery is a psychometric tool based on the psychology of Dr. Carl Jung and was built to help people understand themselves, understand others, and make the most of the relationships that affect them in the workplace.  We will be using a simple and memorable four color model to help you understand your style, your strengths and the value you bring to the team through your preferences for the different types of color energy.

Learning Objectives:  

  • Understand your style, your strengths and the value you bring to the team

  • Develop an understanding about how others prefer to communicate, make decisions and perceive information

  • Learn skills that help you adjust your behavior to adapt to connect with others

  • Learn the power of perception and how to navigate the ladder of perception

Interactivity and Take-aways

Includes activities that aid in understanding one's own attitude for introversion and extroversion, as well as their preference for decision making and perceiving functions.  Participants can interact with each other during a team wheel activity that aids in visualizing team dynamics and preferences.  Participants will receive color blocks to display their preference for color energy and a reference manual for future activities.

Eligibility:  Open to all employees

Pillar(s):  GL

Track(s):  Lifelong Learner

Situational Awareness and Personal Risk Management

In this increasing hazardous world that we live in, no one can better act to provide for your personal protection and that of your loved ones than YOU! Join us for a session on November 5 th from 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM in the Center for Diversity and Inclusion Board Room for a lively discussion in which we will learn from each other about simple methods which can positively impact the personal safety of yourself and those you care about. The workshop will be informative, thought-provoking and, believe it or not, FUN! This session is open to all employees and students if you know any who would like to join us.

Objectives: Learn basic principles and practices to increase your personal safe and security as well as that of co-workers and loved ones.

Eligibility:  Available to all employees

Pillar(s) GO

Track(s):  Lifelong Learner

Cultural Competency Series - Presented by Dar MayWeather

Description: I am Many

In higher education, we individually and collectively interact with a rich amount of diversity through our identities. In this program, focused on personal exploration, we find the beauty of how interconnected our experiences are.  

Dar Mayweather will guide audiences along a thought-provoking and insightful analysis of personal experiences to be a catalyst to share individual stories and how stories contribute to the larger overall narrative of one’s shared community.

Learning Outcomes:

    • Explore social identity as it relates to individuals and groups of people in higher education

    • Reflect on and observe how each of us experiences social identity in today’s context

    • Increase participants awareness of difference and responses to differences  

Eligibility: Available to all employees

Pillar(s):  GLD

Track(s):  Lifelong Learner, Supervisor

Candid Conversations - Presented by Faurote Group

Description: As situations arise in the workplace we often find ourselves running in circles around the 'heart of the matter.'  Whether it be from a fear of resistance by others or our own discomfort in bringing up challenging topics, a common reaction to difficult conversations is avoidance.  The art of having 'candid conversations' is invaluable and can diffuse even the toughest of situations into an open, honest environment where 'real' results are accomplished.  This program is designed to walk through how to both provide and receive candid feedback/feedforward on the path to creating powerful results.   


  • Discuss a culture of compliance vs. a culture of communication vs. a culture of candor

  • Introduce the Radical Candor Conversation model

  • Discuss listening and questioning skills to maximize effectiveness

  • Highlight how to prepare as a provider and receiver of "Candid Conversations."

  • Create an action plan for improvement

Eligibility: Available to all employees

Pillar(s): GOLD

Track(s):  Lifelong Learner, Supervisor

Supervisor Orientation

Description: Supervisors will meet with HR staff to learn more about the role and responsibilities of supervision at DePauw.  HR will provide information and resources to provide support for new supervisors.  

Objectives: To aid new supervisors in managing the responsibilities of a supervisor.  To prepare new supervisors to lead a team, develop employees and follow University policies as well as all applicable employment law.  

Eligibility: New hired supervisors or employees new to a supervisory role.

Pillar(s):  OLD

Track(s):  Supervisor

New Employee Orientation

Description:  New employees will complete required paperwork and then spend time learning the University's mission and vision.  A welcoming experience, new employees will learn about the history and traditions of DePauw.  Additionally, new employees will receive training in the use of the University's technical systems and a full orientation to the many benefits offered to employees.

Objectives:  Provide information to new employees to introduce then to DePauw.  Provide information and aid in enrollment for benefits.  Provide training and user support to the University's tech systems.

Eligibility:  Available to all employees

Pillar(s): OD

Track(s):  New Employee

Online Training by Topic:  SafeColleges

Description:  SafeColleges provides training videos for employees of higher-ed institutions. It allows for self-paced, individualized training through a library of professionally produced videos.

Objectives:  To provide training on a variety of topics to meet individual needs and institutional compliance objectives.

Eligibility: Available to all employees

Pillar(s):  GOLD

Track(s):  All Tracks

Technical Training Workshops


Excel for Productivity (approx. 45 minutes):  Sharpen your Excel skills by learning about sorting, filtering, using templates, and consolidating spreadsheets. 

Staying on Track with Google Calendar (approx. 30 minutes): Learn about creating different type of events, using and sharing multiple calendars, creating event reminders, finding out when others are available to meet, and embedding a calendar in a Web page. 

Using Google Meet:  Learn how to use this Google feature to hold online meetings.

Mail Merge with Google Apps (approx. 30 minutes): Learn how to create and send mail merges with Google Apps. 

Online Storage with Box (approx. 30 minutes): Learn how to store and share files on the cloud using Box and Box Drive.

Objectives:  Provide technology skill building for all employees

Eligibility:  Available to all Employees

Pillar(s):  OD

Track(s):  Lifelong Learner