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Prop Rental

Prop storage is located in two areas of the Green Center – under Moore Theatre and in the Acting Studio.  A list of available props is available here: https://tinyurl.com/ybckcf32

The Assistant Technical Director will oversee prop usage and storage, maintaining the organization of the spaces under Moore Theatre.  Props that are easily replaceable (typically under $5) will not be kept – these items will either be discarded or added to the prop storage in the Acting Studio

The props master for a production should collaborate with the Assistant Technical Director when pulling props for shows in order to maintain the prop inventory.  Props should be returned to the proper storage area during strike.  Any new props will be gathered to process into the full inventory. Props stored under Moore Theatre are dedicated to mainstage shows and Alpha Psi Omega productions.  Any student, staff, or faculty member who wishes to check out a prop for another reasons should email the Assistant Technical Director at least one week in advance of needing the prop(s).  Upon approval, the props may be signed out.

Electronic props may only be used for mainstage shows, Alpha Psi Omega productions, or checked out by faculty and staff in a performing arts division.  Students may not check out electronic props.

Large prop/furniture usage, outside of mainstage shows, will be at the discretion of the Director of Productions in consultation with the Director of Theatre.

Props for academic usage, such as Acting Classes, will be stored in the Acting Studio.  These props may be used without gaining prior permission.