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Additional Summer Programs

Alumni Reunion Weekend: June 6 - June 10

Return to DePauw to see classmates and friends, engage faculty members in opportunities for lifelong learning, and celebrate alumni achievement. Events will include class reunion celebrations, faculty-led Alumni College discussions, and presentations of the Old Gold Goblet and Young Alumni Award.  

More information: Alumni Reunion Weekend website or email


Alumni Travel Programs:  Discover Southeast Alaska (TBD), History and Art of Northeastern Italy (TBD), Magnificent Great Lakes (TBD), Grand Danube Passage (TBD)

A chance to continue lifeline connections to DePauw.  Explore the world and learn from one another while continuing to benefit form the intellectual and cultural engagement that made your DePauw experience so special. 


More information: Alumni Travel Programs website, Northeastern Italy trip webpage, Southeast Alaska trip webpage, Magnificent Great Lakes trip webpage, Grand Danube Passage or email


Lessac Summer Intensive at DePauw University:  June 23 - July 21

A kinesensic training program in voice and body work for actors, teachers, performers, directors, broadcasters, presenters, therapists, and advanced students.  Lessac Kinesensic Training is unique in its holistic, comprehensive, and creative approach to all aspects of developing the body and the voice for speech and singing and as creative instruments of communication, behavior and perception.

More information:  Lessac Summer Intensive website or email


United Methodist Women of Indiana - Mission U: July 16 - July 20

Learning Together for the Transformation of the World.  Mission U is the primary education event for the Indiana Annual Conference through the United Methodist Women of Indiana. 

More information: Indiana United Methodist Church website or email


UMW - Limitless: July 16 - July 20