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School of Music Summer Programs

Silkroad Global Musician Workshop:  May 28 - June 6  

Silkroad and Mike Block lead this workshop fostering a community of globally minded musicians engaged in learning from one another's traditions and incorporating them into their own artistic voices.  For students, teachers, and performers over the age of 18.

More information: Silkroad or email

The King's Singers Summer School at DePauw: June 13-19                             

The King's Singers Summer Schools are a unique opportunity to work with one of the world’s leading a cappella groups in a fun and supportive environment.  Whether you are attending with your ensemble or as an individual to be placed within a group at the start of the School, you will be fully immersed in music, honing your skills and helping you to enjoy a lifetime of singing at a higher level than you may have ever imagined.

More information: The King's Singers or email

21CM Institute: Music Entrepreneurship: July 9-15                                   

21CM Institute: Music Entrepreneurship equips music faculty to teach the skills and mindset to succeed in the professional world. Faculty will learn how to foster the creative energies of the entrepreneur, empower students to launch projects of their own invention, and engage communities in which they live.

More information: 21CM Institute or email